Ser y Hacer

Ser and Hacer is an educational, cultural and social support program designed for U.S. permanent residents seeking citizenship and others to facilitate successful acclimation into the United States. This program operates in Brazoria, Galveston, and Harris Counties, and others with services in Galveston. The program offers U.S. citizenship classes, Information and Referral services, educational forums, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and cultural activities.

Citizenship and ESL Classes

The Citizenship and ESL classes are offered in fall, spring and summer sessions. Citizenship classes are provided to prepare participants for taking the U.S. Citizenship exam. The ESL classes are designed to teach English language skills.

Information and Referral Services

Information and Referral services provide families and individuals with guidance and referral in relationship to obtaining employment authorization, residency cards, as well as immigration concerns and support related to individual and family functioning.

Educational Forums

Educational forums provide topics of general public interest such as immigration, citizenship, healthcare, education, cultural opportunities and community services.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities are designed to promote and support cultural pride, cultural learning and cultural heritage through demonstrations and sharing in dance, arts and crafts, and “folklora.”

As Ser and Hacer continues to progress, future plans for the organization envision the expansion of Citizenship and ESL classes, the establishment of specialized G.E.D. classes and computer technology, and applying for Recognition and Accreditation through the Board of Immigration Appeals of the United States Department of Justice to provide complete and legal immigration services.

For more information about Ser and Hacer please call The Children’s Center Inc at

(409) 765-5212