1878-The Galveston Children’s Home was founded.


The Children’s Center, Inc. was created through merger of the Galveston Children’s Home, the Lasker House, the Albertine Yeager Children’s Home and the Youth Crisis Center of Galveston. Its legacy dates to 1878

Spanning three centuries of service to children, youth and families, the organization began as orphan’s homes and has transitioned into a human rights and social justice organization dedicated to providing safety, housing and mentoring for those who are abandoned, abused, neglected and exploited.

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In 2023, The Children’s Center, Inc. will celebrate 145 years of continuous service. it provides a trauma-focused continuum of caring, providing safety, housing and mentoring for children, youth and families, who are survivors of abandonment, abuse, neglect, and exploitation. It serves the Texas Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Mexico and provides prevention and intervention services through outreach in Mexico and Central America.


The Children’s Center, Inc. is engaged in changing and saving lives through rescue, nurture and empowerment of children, youth and families in a quality continuum of caring that facilitates achievement of satisfying living opportunities.

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Philosophy and Technology

The Children’s Center, Inc. promotes the use of evidence-based and evidence-informed philosophy and technology in its programs and services that include trauma informed care, trauma focused – cognitive behavior therapy, positive principles of applied behavior analysis, positive youth development and harm reduction practices.