Specialty Coffee for Special Friends

Imagine being able to enjoy fine specialty coffee, delivered to your door, and know that your purchase is also creating opportunities for children, youth and families with critical needs in communities along the Texas Gulf Coast, Mexico and Central America. Imagine that the coffee is grown and harvested on small family farms by displaced youth working to overcome adversity. Imagine that the same coffee is shipped to Texas and prepared by youth who are learning work skills on a path to independence. Well, imagine no more, Coffee Artisan Friendship Exchange, a social-entrepreneurial coffee company, has been created by The Children’s Center, Inc., a non-profit organization, to partner with you in creating these opportunities while enjoying fine coffee.

Your coffee is sourced from small family farms in the Copan and Opalaca Coffee Regions of Honduras, located in the Departments of Copan and Ocotepeque. Copan and Opalaca are distinguished for coffee of notable origin. The coffee is grown and harvested  from trees on the Lopez, Gonzalez and neighboring farms near La Esperanza and San Marcos by families whose own family members have been cared for through the work of The Children’s Center and who are willing to give back. The green coffee beans are shipped via Puerto Cortes, Honduras to Galveston, Texas where they are roasted under exacting conditions by youth artisans who are mentored to craft your coffee. The coffee is then sent to your home to complete the Coffee Artisan Friendship Exchange, between youth, farmers, roasters and you.

The Children’s Center, Inc.  mission is to change and save lives of children, youth and families who are abandoned, abused, neglected and exploited by rescue, nurture and empowerment in a quality continuum of caring that facilitates satisfying living opportunities.

Programs and services of The Children’s Center, Inc. include a crisis line – crisis response team, a network of Safe Place sites, outreach, mentoring, shelters, host homes, rapid rehousing and transitional living programs. These programs and services are located in the Beaumont area, the Houston area, Galveston Bay Area, Victoria Area, Corpus Christi Area, and Rio Grande Valley Areas of Texas. Program development is underway in Matamoros and Reynosa, Mexico and San Pedro Sula, San Marcos and La Esperanza Honduras.




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Coffee Artisan Friendship Exchange – Subscription – Invest $25 per month in a social entrepreneurial specialty coffee company that provides connoisseurs with fine coffee while supporting coffee related youth artisan activities and developing The Children’s Center, Inc. continuum of care in Texas, Mexico and Honduras. Subscription membership includes your investment in a company that will create jobs for youth and funding for activities within the continuum of care. The harvest season for this year is from November to February. Beginning in the Spring of 2021, one pound of fresh gourmet coffee will be delivered to your home each month for 12 months. You will receive a quarterly newsletter and other information updates to keep you informed of the work of The Children’s Center, Inc. and of Coffee Artisan Friendship Exchange in supporting our work. You will also be welcome to visit the Coffee Artisan Friendship Exchange roastery in Galveston to see and sample the work of young artisans.


To subscribe, please use this link, Coffee Artisan Friendship Exchange or browse our website


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