Child & Family Safety Network

The Child and Family Safety Network is a system of services that includes a crisis response center, shelters, host homes, respite care, and transitional living programs to meet the needs of children, youth and families experiencing abuse, abandonment, neglect, runaway and homeless youth, and victims of human trafficking. The system collaborates with partners in 13 counties and the greater Houston & Galveston area to provide safe locations where people can go and get immediate help.

The Crisis Response Team

This program is critical for helping people in emergency situations of trauma. It is also vital for families in urgent need of respite care. This is anyone who feels desperate or out of control in addressing the needs of children in their care. It is often utilized by caregivers of children with special needs, for whom the demand of constant, round the clock care is at times overwhelming. It is sometimes utilized by parents in distress, who cannot manage the needs of their child or children. It is so important to receive the care you need, in order to care for others.

These services are in place for anyone in our community and the surrounding counties who need them. Those counties are:

Fort Bend



If you or anyone you know needs our services, don’t wait to contact us. You do not have to suffer silently or do it alone.

FOR HELP CALL: 1(844) 763.8861

A TCCI trained team of emergency responders will pick up the phone and immediately meet the needs of those in crisis.