Endowment Giving

An endowment is a charity’s financial cornerstone, the core of its ability to fuel progress in the care, nurturing, and returning independence to those most in need.


Allowing a charity to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue, such as private donations or government grants, endowments ensure that promising programs, individuals, and initiatives have the continual support they need to facilitate care for those in need, both now and in the future.


Establishing an endowment is an act of great generosity and foresight.


When you decide to create an endowment, you understand the importance of supporting The Children’s Center, not only during your lifetime, but for generations to come. You may choose to establish an endowed fund in order to honor a loved one, or to memorialize an important figure in your life, ensuring that your name and generosity will forever be a guiding force in our institution’s success.


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