Membership Support

Friends of the Children’s Center, Inc.

Membership Support

Individual Friend, “Financial Donor”

Sustain a Child – Membership – $25 per month – for Children and youth in our host homes, youth crisis centers, and Family Crisis Centers who need individual support. Support for daily living, education, recreation, preparation independence and other personal needs is provided to an individual boy or girl from birth to older teens and youth.



Sustain a Family – Membership – $50 per month – for Families living in our family crisis centers who need support to better care for their children and return to work and permanent housing. Support for daily living, job readiness, application and other needs is provided for single parents and couples and their children.




Sustain a crisis home – $75 per month for Host homes, youth crisis centers, and family crisis centers for numbers of children, youth and families served. Support for care of the homes to maintain a family environment and other needs in the crisis homes to better meet the needs of children, youth and families.


General Operating Support – Membership for The Children’s Center, Inc. – $100 per month for unmet needs and ongoing safety, housing and mentoring. Needs may support personal crisis of children, youth and families but also crises caused by weather, health and other public crises, creating the needs for immediate services to children, youth and families.


 Coffee Artisan Friendship Exchange – Membership – Invest $25 per month in Coffee Artisan Friendship Exchange, a social entrepreneurial specialty coffee company that provides connoisseurs with fine coffee while supporting coffee related youth artisan activities and the work of The Children’s Center, Inc. developing continuum of care in Texas, Mexico and Honduras. Membership includes investment in the company to create jobs for youth and funding for activities within the continuum of care. Beginning in March 2021, one pound of CAFÉ gourmet coffee will be delivered to each member’s home each month.



United Way Designated Donor – Friends whom are employees at United Way participating companies and government agencies in Galveston, Galveston County Mainland, Houston area, Beaumont area, Corpus Christi area and Rio Grande Valley area are invited to designate that their employee contributions directly to The Children’s Center, Inc. Staff can assist those Friends in making those arrangements to support the work of The Children’s Center, Inc..