Chicktime Galveston Serves During a Crisis!

Chicktime Galveston is a local nonprofit group with a strong dedication to the Family Crisis Center in Galveston. The Children’s Center, Inc. has greatly appreciated their monthly visits that bring families food and other needed items. Moreover, Chicktime also helps families enjoy holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween by hosting parties. Children who otherwise would not have gifts or enjoy holiday celebrations greatly benefit from the efforts of Chicktime volunteers.

2020 has been especially hard for the families in the Family Crisis Center. Children have not been able to attend school. Parents who might have been able to find jobs that support family independence last year, are now facing long term unemployment.

Despite all of that, Chicktime found a way to continue to deliver meals and joy to families at the Family Crisis Center. The Children’s Center, Inc. and the staff at the Family Crisis Center want to thank the volunteers at Chicktime for continuing to serve during this very challenging time.

The Family Crisis Center is a program of The Children’s Center, Inc. that provides trauma-informed care, shelter and assistance to families facing the crisis of homelessness.