In certain circumstances, runaway and homeless children and youth may be eligible for host home – crisis care services. In these circumstances, children and youth may access services with assistance from The Children’s Center’s Jameson Center Host Home – Crisis Care Program. Host Homes and Crisis Care are made possible under Chapter 42, Texas Human Resources Code, “Regulation of Certain Facilities, Homes and Agencies that provide child-care services” and Chapter 34, Texas Human Family Code, “Authorization Agreement for Non-Parent Adult Caregiver”. There are families needing help for their children who range in age from birth to 17 years of age. Circumstances vary as to why a parent may need a Host Family for their child or youth. Sometimes youth have runaway or are homeless due to issues being experienced by the family. At other times there are circumstances beyond a parent’s control that prevent them from providing care to their children, but they feel that involvement with CPS may not be in the best interest of their child. Host Homes are voluntary, are not foster homes and are not compensated. Host Families undergo a screening process and receive comprehensive training. They receive ongoing consultation and support from the Jameson Center Host Home – Crisis Care Program.

If you have interest in considering becoming a Host Family, you may call or email us at:

(844) 763-8861