Matamoros, Mexico

Border Area – Matamoros, Mexico

Matamoros, Mexico, across the U. S. – Mexican border, is a major Mexican city adjacent to and contiguous to the Rio Grande Valley Region of Texas, served by The Children’s Center, Inc. The Children’s Center, Inc. in partnership with NGOs in Mexico are working to better understand the circumstances and numbers of unaccompanied youth. This work will support consideration for establishing an outreach presence in Matamoros. Partnership with NGOs in Mexico began two years ago and has culminated in an agreement to study the needs. Work on the study began in November of 2020. Plans call for gathering information in refugee camps, shelters, and the streets as is possible. Results of progress will be updated and shared.

A group of migrants who returned to Mexico to await their U.S. asylum hearing block the Puerta Mexico international border crossing bridge to demand quickness in their asylum process in Matamoros, Mexico October 10, 2019. REUTERS/Veronica G. Cardenas – RC1C788ED0D0


US-Mexico Bridges Reopen After Migrant Protest

Updated October 10, 2019 08:48 PM
Source: Voice of America


Voice of America (2020) US – Mexico Bridges Reopen After Migrant Protest, (Updated October 10, 2019),