Our Work

24 Hours a Day, Every Day, Someone Is Here.

No one else does what we do. Not our government, not other non-profit organizations. We go wherever we’re needed, and we do whatever we can. We are here to help, we’re here to transform lives, and most of all, we’re here to ensure that our community is a safe place for at-risk children.


We respond immediately to our hotline crisis line, sometimes driving great distances in order to provide comfort and services to someone in trouble. We facilitate homeless shelter for families in our community. We work with families to address the problems they’re facing, and help them to succeed with the tools they need, such as job training and medical treatment. Children without parents are a priority for us; we work to reunite them with extended family or place them with trustworthy, responsible host families who can provide loving homes.


We fight to stop human trafficking in our community, our counties, our cities. We rescue victims of this horrifying and mostly unseen crime. We provide them the counseling, shelter, resources, and help that they need.

We provide transitional living programs to vulnerable youth who may be runaways, homeless, or at risk for exploitation. These traumatized youth are not ready to be released from “the system” and often can’t care adequately for themselves. We fill the gaps.


We educate children who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend public school. These children are often struggling from a violent past, many unable to speak English, and few have had adequate learning experiences. We teach them at their level using specialized curriculum and coursework. We facilitate their literacy and their English language ability.


We respond immediately to our crisis line, sometimes driving great distances across Texas in the regions we serve. Based on the Gulf Coast, we have locations and serve those in the Coastal Bend, Golden Triangle, Houston-Galveston, and in the Rio Grande valley Regions. Our Crisis Response Teams are on call 24/7/365 in order to provide comfort and services to someone in trouble.


Trained employees and volunteers are ready, round the clock, to help. We are there when no one else is, to improve the lives and outcomes of children at risk.