Reynosa, Mexico

Border Conditions: Reynosa, Mexico

Reynosa, Mexico, across the U. S. – Mexican border, is a major Mexican city adjacent to and contiguous to the Rio Grande Valley Region of Texas, served by The Children’s Center, Inc. In Reynosa Children’s Center representatives have met with homeless youth and families amassed along the Mexican side of the border. Youth from Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Cuba spoke of their fright and difficult living conditions while awaiting entry to the United States for asylum.

  • A Cuban youth, fifteen years of age, spoke of constantly running from Mexican gang members who were attempting to assault him. He displayed open wounds from jumping barbed wire fences.
  • A fourteen-year-old Guatemalan youth was awaiting his sister to be released from a local hospital where she was experiencing complications from childbirth. He was alone and afraid for her safety and his own.

Upon completion of the study for the need for outreach services in Reynosa, efforts will be made to understand the circumstances and numbers of unaccompanied youth in Reynosa.

From The Texas Tribune:

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