San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Central Bus Station in San Pedro Sula Honduras

San Pedro Sula is Honduras’ second largest city, located in northwestern Honduras, in the Department of Cortes. It has a metropolitan area population of approximately one and one half million people. It is contiguous to Guatemala and adjacent to the Caribbean coast and Port of Cortes, Honduras’ primary seaport. San Pedro Sula is the industrial center of Honduras. Its economy is strong and based on manufacturing plants that produce a wide variety of products. San Pedro Sula is also plagued with highly concentrated poverty, gangs, drugs, violence, and murder. It is the gateway or point of exodus for fleeing youth from throughout Honduras. Its large central bus station, located in a bustling shopping center on Highway CA-5, connects Honduras’ capitol, Tegucigalpa, with San Pedro Sula, and provides youth from throughout Honduras with transit to the Department of Copan and bordering Guatemala for escape to the U.S., the primary destination for these youth.


The Children’s Center’s is currently studying the establishment of an outreach center in San Pedro Sula. The purpose of the site will be to provide unaccompanied youth with information and referral, safety planning and screening and assessment of their presenting conditions. These youth encounters will include opportunities for life skills assessments and clinical consultation through videoconferencing with The Children’s Center’s Texas based staff and University interns. Determination may be made for any potential program eligibility and/or referral options.  Outreach workers will collaborate with INFA, civic groups, faith-based groups, and community organizations in supporting youth. Plans call for the outreach center to collaborate with The Children’s Center’s outreach programs in Matamoros and Reynosa, Mexico to support youth returning home