Helping Human Trafficking Victims

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Men, women, and children are bought and sold every day in this country, and Houston has been identified as a major hub for this criminal enterprise. It’s the fourth most populous city in the nation,  making it easy for trafficking victims and their captors to blend in and go unnoticed. Houston’s proximity to the border and access to the I-10 corridor has also provided an easy route smuggle people in, sell them, and disappear to different parts of the country. And it’s happening all the time. There are currently over 300,000 victims of human trafficking in Texas.


Though no one is exempt from being victimized, victims of human trafficking tend to fit a profile. Human traffickers target people with very little power or leverage. Undocumented immigrants, runaway and abused youth, homeless individuals, and at-risk youth being served by DFPS. Of this segmented community, 25% are victimized.
Because it is our mission to help at-risk individuals who fit this profile, we are successful in preventing trafficking, but we also intervene when cases are reported, and help the victims of this terrible crime recover and feel safe.