Victoria – The Golden Crescent

Former Runaway and Homeless Youth at Victoria, Texas office of The Children’s Center, Inc.

Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs

CRISIS LINE – The Children’s Center operates a crisis line for Runaway and Homeless Youth seeking safety in the Victoria – Golden Crescent Area. It is a 24-hour, toll-free number, (866) 763-8861. Professionals staff are available to provide options for emergency and non-emergency information and referral, emergency shelter, return home, transportation and other resources, depending on circumstances. The Crisis Response Team is available 24-hours per day to travel to the youth and provide access to these and other options.

SAFE PLACE – Project Safe Place is a partnership between Victoria Golden Crescent Area businesses and The Children’s Center, Inc. to provide strategic locations for youth in need of crisis support. Safe Place sites are branded with the Safe Place logo and local youth are trained through outreach activities on locations and services. Safe Place sites provide trained volunteers who respond to inquiring youth through provision of space, immediate contact with The Children’s Center, Inc. Crisis Line and interface with The Children’s Center staff, for triage and support.

HOST HOMES –Jameson Center Host Homes are volunteer families who provide emergency shelter to Victoria – Golden Crescent Area Runaway and Homeless Youth. These youth may need overnight emergency support that includes screening and assessment, immediate family reunification, immediate referral and/or emergency shelter, case management, counseling, family reunification services and/or other appropriate referrals. Host homes are provided through agreement between youth families and host homes and are trauma focused to support youth presenting needs.

OUTREACH/MENTORING – The Children’s Center, Inc. provides an Outreach – Mentoring team that engages community youth and supportive adults. Youth outreach activities include presentations and information exchange at civic, religious, other community groups and schools attended by youth in the Victoria – Golden Crescent Area. Adult outreach activities include public and private agencies, businesses, civic, religious and other community groups. Youth mentoring that includes psycho-educational information sharing and group process is also provided in the community.


*Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs in Texas are supported by funding from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Federal Youth Services Bureau, Runaway and Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs.