Volunteer Support

Volunteer Support


Individual Friend – “Volunteer Donor”


The Friends of The Children’s Center, Inc. Volunteer Guild involves support of the work of The Children’s Center, Inc. through sustaining, regular, ongoing volunteer work and one-time projects. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available in the four broad areas of service, safety, housing, mentoring and Host Homes.

Safety – Volunteer opportunities in the safety area include work on the crisis team, Safe Place sites and emergency home supervision, child-care and transportation.

Housing – Volunteer work in the housing area includes meals, housekeeping, maintenance groundskeeping, non-emergency home supervision, child-care, transportation and donations.

Mentoring – Volunteer opportunities in the mentoring area includes work in tutoring, psycho-educational groups, community education and recruiting friends and volunteers.

Host Homes – Volunteer opportunities for individuals or couples in providing emergency shelter care for runaway and homeless youth needing temporary support during as family emergencies are resolved and family reunification activities are pursued.

After completion of the orientation, a staff liaison is provided and any special training, for example job shadowing, and schedules are created and provided. Ongoing volunteer work satisfaction, support and feedback is scheduled regularly to ensure that all needs are met satisfactorily, on an ongoing basis.

You are Vital to Our Ability to Help Those in Need.

Every volunteer position provides a genuine service to those in profound need. Get involved, and we know your spirit and your community will thank you. No matter what your circumstances, if you have a little extra time, there is no better use for it than to benefit children, youth, and families who need you.


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